Mental Health

In efforts to develop innovative, and cost-effective sustainable programs that can be implemented within the existing national development infrastructure through effective partnerships and directly impact the lives of persons with NDDs, their families, and those with mental health conditions, Shuchona Foundation, over the years has been relentlessly working to bring about significant and positive changes, resulting in social inclusion. 

  • In 2020, the global pandemic, along with physical health, brought attention to the need for mental and emotional well-being. Considering this, our Chairperson along with Dr. Joanne Byron, M.S., S.S/P, NCSP, a certified crisis and trauma trainer and responder, developed self-help videos on well-being, which were adapted and translated into Bangla and Bangla sign language with help from Dr. Helal Uddin Ahmed and assistance from the Center for Disability in Development. The videos have been shared on our social media platforms and YouTube (

  • Shuchona Foundation is a member of both the Working Group and the Technical Task Team, responsible for developing the National Mental Health Strategic Plan for Bangladesh 2020-2030, which was approved by the cabinet in August 2022, and can be accessed from Our Chairperson is the Chief Advisor for the Working Group. The situation analysis and strategic plan document has been developed at the request of Bangladesh’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare's Department of Non-Communicable Diseases. The NMHSP has been developed with funding from DFID and technical support from WHO-SEARO. 

  • Shuchona Foundation also provided content expertise for the formulation of Bangladesh’s National Mental Health Policy in 2022.

  • The collaborative approach and standardized application to provide psychosocial support in disaster at the community level with professionals, has led to designing the training program titled ToT on Strengthening Capacity of Crisis Responders on addressing Mental Health Issues within Crisis Preparedness and Management, which includes a research-based manual. Shuchona Foundation has provided content expertise for the development of this training manual. Partners for this initiative include Department of Disaster Management and Relief of Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief, CDD, IOM, UNHCR, and WHO-SEARO. 

  • Member of the Technical Committee on WHO Special Initiative for Mental Health (SIMH): Universal Health Coverage for Mental Health since 2021. The WHO SIMH seeks to ensure that Universal Health Coverage involving access to quality and affordable care for mental health conditions is provided to the Special Initiative countries, of which, Bangladesh is one. Shuchona Foundation is a member of the Technical Committee in Bangladesh, and our Chairperson is the Chief Advisor.

  • Secondary Education Sector Investment Program (SESIP) under the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (DSHE) has developed a Mental Health orientation guideline for Secondary School teachers under the ‘School Mental Health’ program. Shuchona Foundation has contributed as a content expert in this initiative. 

  • SF Chairperson's appointment as a Thematic Ambassador for “Vulnerability” by the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF) provides an advocacy platform to access a wide-reaching forum, taking forward the message of disaster, disability and climate change, which have a direct impact on the mental health of marginalized populations.